Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Opening Ceremony

As twilight2000, my GoH liaison, escorted Lisa and me to our seats at the Opening Ceremonies, Linda Deneroff said to me, "I see you have a handler. Do you really need one?"

I laughed and said, "Probably not, but Twilight is doing a fine job. I'm not used to having people doing errands and waiting on me like this. Normally I'm the one doing the fetching and doing things for other people."

Several people offered, "Don't get used to it."

Shortly after 7 PM, CascadiaCon Chair Bobbie DuFault came on stage and introduced the Opening Ceremonies entertainment, the Kaze Daiko taiko drum group. The performed a number of taiko pieces to fair applause from the audience, and I was impressed by their energy. Then Bobbie came back on stage and introduced the various Guests of Honor, including me, inviting each of us up on stage where they presented us with an "instant costume" -- a CascadiaCon shirt and one of several different set of "deeley-boppers" -- in my case, as with many other guests, it was somewhat challenging to keep the headset actually on my head. Each of us was invited to say a few words. I encouraged people to go look at the Exhibits room and (I think) thanked CascadiaCon for inviting me.

Then, after all the guests were introduced, the new ROBOTECH team came on stage to do a presentation about the new series. Lisa was wearing her uniform from ROBOTECH. For those of you unaware of it, "Lisa Hayes" is also the name of an important character from the ROBOTECH series: you can see some information about the anime character here. My Lisa is fond of the series, and likes being able to wear the uniform with her name badge and not need a "fan name," although from time to time she's had to produce ID to prove that the name on her badge isn't her fan name. Somewhat to Lisa's display and annoyance, none of the people supposedly having something to do with ROBOTECH recognized her, even though it's really a very good costume. Finally, one of the artists came over and said he wanted to take her picture: he at least actually knew enough about the series to recognize her! (Here's a picture of her from FanimeCon 2000 with someone -- not me -- dressed as Rick Hunter, another character from the series.) While Lisa was somewhat mollified that someone recognized her, she didn't hang around for the stuff about the new show; instead, we headed out for dinner, as I hadn't had a chance to eat before the Opening Ceremony.

Now I'm under the gun and really have to finish that darn speech. Fortunately the Hilton's business center is open 24 hours, so I still have a chance to print it once I'm happy with it rather than having to read it off the screen.
Tags: cascadiacon, nasfic, robotech

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