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Match Game Photos

For various reasons, Lisa was not able to help as much as she might have liked doing on the BayCon production of Match Game SF; however, she was able to come and take photos.

Get ready to match the stars!

Tom Galloway... Esther Freisner... Kirsten Berry...

Martin Young... Chris Garcia... and Leigh Ann Hildebrand!

As we play the prize-studded, fan-tastic Match Game SF!

And now here's your host, the star of Match Game SF, Kevin Standlee!

"The new series of Doctor Who is really strange. It's the first time the Doctor’s companion has been ___."

Tom Galloway

Kirsten Berry (N.B. None of the photos of Esther Friesner were in focus.)

Martin Young

Chris Garcia

Leigh Ann Hildebrand

"For the Gift Certificate from Springtime Creations: '______ Island'."

There is also a very brief video of Tom putting his answer in the "slot." (Someday, we'll probably build the set pieces to replicate the panelist slots and score indicators electronically so they don't have to say "ding" themselves.

"We'll be back with more Match Game SF after these words from our sponsors."

"I don't know about this new Bay Area Worldcon bid. They're bidding to hold the convention in ______!"

You can also see this .

None of the panel answered with a suggestion heard later in the parties: "This hotel!"

Initially, I thought we were going to have the tables "tiered," as there did seem to be enough room on the riser behind to set the table and three chairs, but a last-minute order from the crew doing setup said, "Nothing on the stage, no way, no how, not ever." And with only a couple of minutes set-up time, an audience in place, and Chris Garcia paddling furiously to keep the audience engaged while they worked, there was no time for discussion.

"We hope you all enjoyed the show! For Match Game SF, this is Kevin Standlee saying, 'Goodnight, everybody!'"

Behind the scenes: Associate Producer Robert Hole in the prefunction lobby before the show while many of us waited to be admitted to the heavily secured Convene Ballroom.

I cannot praise yourbob highly enough here. He took on a bunch of the production workload on the day, came up with good ideas for making things work as they stood, and generally made it possible for me to relax and concentrate on actually hosting the show. Bob was the person behind the SFX board giving us the bell and buzzer, by the way.

I don't have any pictures of our announcer, Eric Larson, which is a shame. Eric is the person I consider our Ideal Announcer for the show. Others have done the show, and will do so again when we're "on the road" away from the Bay Area, but Eric is always my first choice when he's available.

Behind the scenes: Our hastily-recruited production assistant Leo Schwab prepares to load the Game 2 questions in the game board. The Tie and Sudden-Death cards stay in place until needed and are only replaced if used during game play.

Edit, 29 May, 17:15: Added our PA's name that I so rudely forgot. Also added some more behind-the-scenes discussion.

Edit, 29 May, 17:35: Added links to brief video clips shot during the same session.
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