Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

At the Seashore in Seaside

It took a little while, but we finally made it to Seaside at about 11:30 PM. We stopped for groceries at a Fred Meyer back up near Astoria fifteen minutes before closing, which unfortunately meant that we were a bit rushed and didn't get everything we wanted.

The hotel room here at the Best Western Ocean View Resort is small, as promised. (That's why it's not so expensive, and substantially less expensive than the Holiday Inn Express where I would have preferred to stay. In fact, looking at the hotel map, it looks very likely to us that this is the "kids room" -- an adjoining room for a large room (the large room having the ocean view), where the parents can store the children. Still, it does have the 'fridge and microwave, and the wireless internet connection is pretty solid.

One unfortunate thing about this hotel is that, while it's right on the beach, it's several blocks from the convention center where Sea-Pac is happening. That means Lisa isn't able to show off her radio-festooned Giant Orange Van the way she is when we stay at the hotel next door of the Seaside Convention Center. But parking at the convention center during the day is always at a premium.

We got in late, and have to be there relatively early tomorrow, so I need to get some sleep now.

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