Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Plenty of Pinball

We went down to Sea-Pac for a couple of hours this morning. I was amused that Lisa and I turn out to not be the only members that Sea-Pac has in common with BayCon. The dealer who was doing custom engraving at BayCon had a booth here at Sea-Pac. He remembered us, because he came through the parking lot at the Marriott and talked to Lisa about the Orange Van Full of Radio Antennas last weekend.

After picking put those things that interested us -- not a whole lot, actually, Lisa suggested we go have some fun. We drove up to Long Beach, Washington, where there is a place with a bunch of pinball machines, all in good repair. This is a rare thing. We had lunch in Long Beach and played pinball until the place closed -- at only 5 PM, which seemed odd to us.

Then we walked across the street and I did a terrible thing to my diet -- we ordered a couple of elephant-ear pastries, which I only see up here in this area. They're just loaded with sugar, but I figure one a year is probably okay.

We then headed back to Seaside, where we played miniature golf at "Ten Tiny Tees," which is still open, albeit only on weekends. Lisa grumbled at me when she fell behind at the start, and then proceeded to sink holes in one on two consecutive holes, while I fell on my face and took a six one a hole, and she ended up winning by four strokes.

Down the street is Seaside's big arcade, which is undergoing a facelift. They have pinball machines here, too, but they're not in as good repair as the ones in Long Beach, and it's a lot noisier. Still, we didn't do so bad. As with the Long Beach Pinball Palace, our only problem was that we kept winning games after we'd already decided we wanted to leave. I set a lot of high scores on the machines I played today.

The fog has rolled in pretty heavy here in Seaside tonight. We tramped back up the Promenade to our hotel, seeing several medium-sized bonfires on the beach, and also hearing people setting off firecrackers and bottle rockets on the beach. We called for a pizza and called it an evening. But it's now been 45 minutes -- they promised thirty -- and I was just starting to get concerned that they couldn't find the hotel. However, just as I was completing this entry and getting ready to call Pizza Hut, the pizza arrived, so it's time for us to eat dinner.

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