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First the Good News...

After a very leisurely breakfast, Lisa and I ambled over to the convention center for the final round of prize drawings, which include the drawings for the big-ticket items. Many of these were "must be present to win." They hold hourly drawings throughout the weekend, but we don't know if we missed our tickets being drawn then. Anyway, we made a final pass through the dealers who were mostly shutting down. Lisa bagged a bunch of connectors and we picked up a few bits and pieces that may be useful someday. One dealer who was still doing a booming business even though convention operations were pressuring him to hurry up and strike his booth looked at first to have the right sized foam screens for my ECM-51 microphone, but when he actually dug them out, it turned out he had only screens that were too large or too small. That is, he didn't carry replacement screens for microphones that he was selling, as it was one of the mics on his table (with the correctly sized screen) that made us think he might be able to help us.

We took up station on the edge of the crowd as they droned through the prize draws. It was, however, moderately easy to pay attention, as nearly every card drawn had a 7 in the numeric position (if you get your license from a Pacific Northwest location, your call sign will have a 7 in it, e.g. K7XXX. Neither Lisa nor I have *7* call signs. For that matter, because of the order in which calls are assigned, hardly any of the winners had signs in the KA* sequence.

Lisa wandered away to talk to one of the dealers about something, and I listened for prizes. The prize of a one night stay at one of the Seaside hotels came up. "KA5FQA!" they called. That's Lisa's call.

You have to jump quickly on these things or they'll move on to the next ticket. I turned around, and she hadn't heard a thing, being in deep and animated conversation over something (I never did find out what).

"Lisa!" I shouted, in a voice that probably could be heard clear across the convention center. I took off my hat and waved at the stage so they could see us, and pointed in her direction (she was out of direct sight of the stage and lectern).

Lisa finally realized that I was trying to get her attention, and I called out to her, "You won something! Get up there!" She dutifully tramped up to the front and collected her gift certificate, and then gave it to me, saying, "You take care of all this travel stuff."

So now we have a certificate for a fee night at the Sundowner Inn of Seaside. Unfortunately, it's only good through next April, so we can't just save it and stay there at next year's convention. The reviews I found for this place are decidedly mixed, though. If we make the effort to go out there, we'll probably want to stay at least two nights and possibly even three. Maybe in October; I anticipate needing a vacation to recover from my vacation to Japan.

Oh, and the bad news? I'll put that in the next entry.

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