Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

WSFS Typos

Well, sort of. Cheryl's copy of Nippon 2007's Progress Report 5 arrived. Of course, being the Business Meeting Chairman, I went straight to the WSFS material, which is the Standing Rules and Business Passed On/Draft Agenda. Unfortunately, the Draft Agenda, which includes the one pending constitutional amendment, has lost all of its formatting, including the underline type that shows you what words are being added to the constitution. This means that you can't see that the pending amendment is to add a new sentence. (The last sentence shown under item 3.1, which amends section 3.9 of the constitution, is new:
In addition, in the Best Professional Artist category, the acceptance must include citations of at least three (3) works first published in the eligible year.
I'm mildly annoyed because the exact same thing happened with the WSFS Constitution in the previous progress report, and it's clearly because whoever is laying out the PR has taken the documents and wiped all of the formatting, then applied his/her own formats to the document so that it matches the style of the PRs -- and that person has neglected all of the strikethru and underline type that is used to keep changes visible. What Nippon2007 did rendered a bunch of material regarding the Best Editor Hugos difficult to understand.

In the case of the WSFS Constitution, the copy on has all of the formatting correct. Unfortunately, the 2007 Business Passed On and Draft Agenda has never made it onto, and I don't know if it ever will.

Fortunately, this one is a relatively minor error. There are have been in the past some fairly complicated changes, with multiple strikeouts and additions.

But this sort of thing seems to happen almost every year, as Worldcon publication editors decide to reformat the documents they're given and ignore places where format is substantive. Heck, I nearly did it to myself with the Westercon Bylaws when I first laid out the PR and discovered that "redlining" formats are supported in Microsoft Publisher.

Regrettably, I doubt this is a problem that can actually be solved. You just have to keep fighting, every year, to keep the attention of the current Worldcon's publications' people and hope that they do what you ask of them.
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