Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home, Bleahrg

I had just paid for a coffee from Starbucks at PDX -- my delayed flight's inbound equipment having just arrived -- when the power failed in the terminal. A minute or two later the lights came back on, but only the emergency power, and that doesn't include the coffee steamer. The folks at Starbucks refunded my money without question (for which I'm relieved) and I went back to my gate.

I wasn't sure if they could dispatch flights running on the backup power, but they had power for the computers and the PA system, and only about an extra ten minutes late, we were away for the relatively short flight to Oakland.

The flight time PDX-OAK is something like 75 minutes. It took almost half that time to get the checked luggage out to luggage claim. Coming out the door of the terminal, I saw an AirBART bus at the curb, and ran for it, and fortunately they waited for me and a couple of other people behind me. I needn't have hurried; the two people boarding in front of me appeared to be paying their $3 fare in pennies and seemed oblivious to the fact that there was anyone else trying to board.

Anyway, I think there were at least two BART trains to spare. I exited the system at Fremont right at Midnight. Now I think some sleep is in order.

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