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Remembering Why I Do This

Last night, standing in the Lower Level lobby waiting for an elevator, I spoke to a young woman -- in her 20s, I'd guess -- who had just come out of the dance, and she noticed the Program Participant ribbon on my badge and asked if I was an author or something. I said, "No; I'm on the program probably due to being a conrunner."

"Oh," she said, "What conventions have you run?"

I replied, "Well, I co-chaired the Worldcon in San Jose three years ago."

She brightened considerably, "Oh, thank you so much! I had a great time there! Worldcons are so cool!"

I thanked her, and asked if she was going to be in Anaheim next year, and she said yes, enthusiastically.

That moment was worth at least as much as winning the poker tournament. Probably more so.
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