Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Meter, Meter, Where's Gone my Meter?

I got out my blood sugar meter this morning to take my overnight measurement, and when I opened the pouch, found that the meter itself was missing from the pouch. Rats! The last time I had the pouch out was at Oakland Airport last night, when I was in one of the restrooms using their needle-disposal drops to get rid of used lancets. I'm pretty sure the meter was in the pouch then. I've gone through my briefcase to see if maybe the meter slipped out of the pouch in my case, but can't find it. All I can think of was that I somehow dropped the meter out of the pouch at Oakland airport.

I called Lost & Found at the airport, but they said to call back after 1 PM today because nothing has been turned in from the weekend yet.

I can buy another meter. I might even be able to buy the same model meter as I already have, so my investment in supplies isn't wasted. But I've lost the last few days' entries because I hadn't transfered them to my spreadsheet yet, which is annoying.

At least, if I did drop my meter at OAK, I didn't cause a close-the-airport terrorist-threat-unknown-device alert there. I think I would have heard about that on the news if it had happened.
Tags: diabetes

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