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I Could Get Used to This

As I've mentioned, it's a strange feeling to not be run off my feet at a convention. I had two back-to-back panels from 11 to 1, after which Lisa and I walked the five (short, but in the rain) blocks to Chipotle for burritos for lunch. Lisa is very sensitive to spices -- she is almost childlike in her dislike of hot spices. The steak burrito was too spicy, and when she grabbed her soda to try and douse the fire, she literally choked on it. After her coughing spell subsided, the manager came over, and asked if she could do anything for us. Lisa explained that there was too much black pepper in the steak, and how Lisa can't stand spicy food at all. The manager suggested the barbacoa (pork), which is very mild, and offered to replace Lisa's burrito for free. Shortly thereafter Lisa had a burrito carnitas, pinto beans, and nothing else (no rice, no salsa, no cheese), and that suited Lisa just fine. I am seriously impressed to see that level of customer service and concern from what is admittedly and fast-food franchise. Good job, folks.

Now I must run for my last panel, about organizing a fan group.
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