Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More About the Meter

I called Oakland Airport Lost & Found again today, and they have no blood glucose meters there, so I have to assume that someone threw it away. It's annoying to have a five-day blank in my records, but not critical.

So on the way to my office today, I stopped to buy a new meter. I wanted to buy the same model meter (a FreeStyle Flash) as I previously had, on account of having so much invested in testing supplies. At least the cost wouldn't be out of pocket, because I could put it on my Healthcare Spending Account.

The price tag on the shelf said the meter was about $75 and that there was a $40 rebate. When they rang it up, it turns out it was actually on sale for $30. So after the rebate (which is limited to the greater of the purchase price or $40), the meter is free. That's not really too surprising, though. They give these meters away because all of the money is in selling the supplies.
Tags: diabetes

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