Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Pain In The Neck

I woke up today with such a painful crick in my neck that it made the pain in my left foot pale by comparison.

Because I ended up trading out all of the $2 bills at the Westercon staff meeting on Sunday, I'd planned on buying the last bundle of one hundred $2 bills from the BofA branch near my office today. But so many things came over the e-mail from work this morning that I never really got a chance to take the hour to drive to the office, and just ended up doing it all from home. Maybe tomorrow.

Assuming that the Hick'ry Pit shortens its hours come the first of July, tonight may just be the last meeting BASFA ever holds there. Next week's meeting is during Westercon. What happens after that has not yet been decided.
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