Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Of Apple Trees and Wandering Deer

My mother sent me the following photos and story a few days ago. With her permission, I'm posting them here. These photos were all taken just outside her home in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Dobbins, California.

This is Bucky. We first started seeing him about one month ago. I was pretty sure that he was the one that ate the two beautiful Day - Lily blooms and one slightly orange bud that I had checked on at least once a day since the hope of a flower had presented itself. Now I know for sure.

A few days after the lily theft we discovered that the ends of the lower limbs of all three apple trees had been severely nibbled. Limb tips, leaf buds, and small green apples had mysteriously disappeared. Also a small peach tree with its first lovely ripening golden globes was strangely naked in the morning.

Bucky, back to the scene of the crime.

Vince says that I can take Bucky to court and win with this evidence.

Small green apples must taste better to a deer than they taste to me. I'd hope he got a belly - ache if we didn't love watching him so much.

I like watching the deer, but they can be a pain in the garden. And fences don't stop them.
Tags: deer, family

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