Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Blast From the Past

Because I'm a little tired of giving the full explanation of my WSFS uniform and because most people don't really want to hear the whole thing, I've written up the long version as a really-back-dated entry in my LJ. It's actually dated to the first day of Interaction, before I started writing regularly in this journal.

I intend to print business cards pointing at that entry. I can then give people the cards and say, "Go look at this web site if you want the long version of what the uniform means."

Actually, I'm a little annoyed at an attitude some people seem to have that all costumes have to be re-creations of some specific TV/movie. I've encountered blank looks from people who don't understand the concept of creating a costume that isn't from a TV show or movie. Show some imagination, people!
Tags: costumes, interaction, uniform, worldcon, wsfs
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