Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Operation Successful; Patient Died

The Westercon expedition to see the baseball game last night went off without a hitch. Everyone showed up on time -- early, even -- and we made it down to the train station with plenty of time. Our train trip up to San Francisco was without incident. We had enough time that I could take everyone with me -- none of whom had been to the park before -- on the "scenic route" around the back of the park along the Portwalk. The weather was pretty good, I thought, although Lisa was very cold (two jackets were not enough) and complained that the sound was too loud because we were only a few rows below the loudspeakers. We got to see a "splash hit" home run, and later Barry Bonds hit his 750th career home run to tie the ball game.

Indeed, the entire trip was perfect -- except that the Giants ended up losing to the Diamondbacks 4-3 in ten innings.

It's a good thing that our group needed to take the second post-event train, because the first one (the express to San Carlos) had already departed by the time we managed to make our way down from section 318, row 10 and down the long winding path to ground level. The second "local" train was already pretty full by the time we made it, and got more full when we boarded. Three of us ended up standing in the vestibule. I was closest to the door. When we made intermediate stops, I would get out to make it easier for people to exit the train. I found myself in convention people-mover mode, helping people out of the train, calling out station stops to remind people to actually get moving, and so forth.

Anyway, we made it back to Hayward Park station and walked back to the hotel, getting there just before Midnight. Lisa and I briefly stopped at the Vintacon party before deciding that my feet hurt too much to stay up much later. And we never really did unpack completely; just enough to get to bed. Because we have to move rooms tomorrow, it hardly seems worth it.
Tags: baseball, westercon

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