Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

We've Been Set Up!

After last night's baseball trip, we didn't work hard to get to the table first thing this morning, but that was okay. Being there between 11 and Noon was fine.

Fan tables here at Westercon are over where the food service was during BayCon, which is a much more high-traffic location and more visible. At BayCon, I think a lot of people didn't even know the Fan Tables were there, because unless you were going to a panel in the Convene Ballroom, you'd never see us.

Lisa has built a flag stand from which we are flying a Canadian flag. Even as we were setting up the table, we had people who wanted to buy pre-supports and Bon Amis (friends of the bid). I'm astounded to say that we've sold six Bon Amis today!

I am also so relieved that I can give the Worldcon bid spiel without having to explain ever single term I use. I don't have to explain what a Worldcon is, or how bidding works, or anything like that. It's such a relief.

Meanwhile, I've left a message with the hotel liaison asking if anyone is booked for Tuesday night into the room in which we're holding parties Sunday and Monday nights. If not, I may ask if we can just stay in that suite (and pay the upgrade) rather than moving back to a standard room. It's just about worth the extra $100 to avoiding having to move an additional time during the con.

I saw the Australia bid setting up their party for tonight. They're in one of the rotunda suites, which are okay, but not as good as the lofts. It's a pity, actually -- 3007, the loft suite we're using tomorrow and Monday, is available tonight, and it probably would have been a better fit for them if everything had connected better. Still, the rotundas are nice rooms; it's just that the floor space is split up by a partition between the parlor and bedroom
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