Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Sekrit Projekt Revealed

Now it can be told that the Sekrit Projekt that johnnyeponymous and I were working on for Westercon was "Who's On the Ballot," a take on Westercon site selection by way of Abbott & Costello. Chris and I were the "opening act" for the Meet the Guests Reception, and from the way the audience reacted, I think it went pretty well. Lisa recorded the routine, and after the Meet the Guests, we went back to our room and I edited the video down to the about 7 1/2 minutes total running time and sent it up to Google Video, where it is sitting in the review queue. I will announce here and on westercons when the video is available for download.

My thanks to Chris for being a great partner with this -- I'd love to present it again sometime -- and to James Stanley Daugherty for writing it. Sometime later (probably post-Westercon), I will post the script here for your entertainment. (Don't worry; I'll put a cut-tag on it!)
Tags: baseball, westercon

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