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Winding Down OryCon

I was able to get a 2 PM check-out, and I have no panels today, so we didn't have to worry about getting up early; however, the internet service on the room will run out at Noon, so I'm finishing up checking e-mail, LJ, etc. My flight out of PDX isn't until 8 o'clock tonight, so there is no urgency today. Unfortunately, the van is parked across two skywalks away, and it will cost money to take the van out, bring it around front of the hotel to pack it up, then put it back in the garage. OTOH, it being Sunday, we might be able to find some (free) surface street parking nearby. Oh, well, we'll figure something out after breakfast.

I probably won't have time to write anything else about OryCon unless I have time at the airport later today and the signs that say there is free wireless access in the airport concourses is true.

So how did OryCon go in its new hotel? From what I saw of it, things went reasonably well. There were a lot of people here, they seemed to be enjoying themselves. The gaming room was full of people taking advantage of the vast games library. The dance had a bunch of people in it (I couldn't go near it -- too loud, too much bass -- but I don't object to other people enjoying themselves). The two party floors had plenty of traffic without appearing to be completely swamped. I hear the con made its hotel block, which it always a good thing. I wish I could give the in-depth analysis that Cheryl Morgan does in her excellent Emerald City reviews, but I did not come in here looking to do that sort of analysis.

OryCon seems to have survived losing its hotel of long standing. The Marriott is by no means a perfect fit, but they seemed to be trying hard to work with us and putting up with fannish craziness. I don't know if OryCon will return to this property, but if they do, I'm sure some adjustments could make the con fit the facility better. For example, Lower Level 2 is a cul-de-sac, with fan groups and autograph tables with little to draw people by them other than those making their way to the art show. Lisa suggests that the gaming could be easily moved down into the extensive pre-function area down there, which would free up function space upstairs. However, all of this depends upon where OryCon is next year.

I'd have to say I enjoyed myself a great deal, as I adjust to a somewhat less-hectic fannish life.
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