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Too Sleepy to Go Home

Lisa came over around 1 PM after she checked us out of the hotel, and we went to lunch. She's still not feeling well. As we went to lunch, she realized that she'd left something in our room, so after we ate, we went back to the hotel to see if it was there. Turned out the room hadn't been cleaned yet, so the front desk gave us a key to the room and we made a return visit to Room 3007.

The housekeeper was doing the room. We retrieved our item and pointed the housekeeper at all of the leftover soda, nuts, and other snacks left on the counter. We told her, "It's all yours if you want it." That's in addition to the four $2 bills I left her.

After getting Lisa some stuff for the road, and after I poured the last of the ice in my ice chest into her ice chest so she'd have it full of ice for the road, we said goodbye. But then she came back after a while, having stopped at a nearby camera store to look at camera bags. She decided that she wanted us to get a Tamrac Expedition 4 camera pack, which can be configured in such a way that it will hold both of our cameras and some accessories as well. We went down to Wolf Camera where she had me try on the bag to make sure it fit me as I'm the one most likely to be carrying it. Confirming that it fit, she produced her debit card and we completed the sale.

By then it was after 5 PM, so unfortunately she set forth into rush-hour traffic to slog her way north. She says she may take two full days to make the trip.

Me, I'm so tired that I can't get up the energy to drive home.

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