Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

When It Drizzles...

We took Lisa's van back up to my office this morning for the same reason as before -- more room to work on it without a fussy hotel complaining about us doing auto repairs. As Lisa got out of the van, I pointed out that fluid was pooling under the van. Opening the hood, she discovered a pinhole leak on a radiator line. This is unrelated to the fuel pump problem, but of course we then had to go buy radiator hose and a bucket to use while draining the lines so she can replace the broken hose.

Just as we were approaching the hotel, my phone beeped at me to tell me that the package with the replacement fuel pump had arrived. In a few minutes, we'll head back to the van to do the work on it. The weather isn't hot like it was last weekend; instead, the marine layer was so low that we were in light drizzle at the office.
Tags: lisa
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