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OryCon Closing Notes

Lisa and I decided eventually to just move out of the room in several trips, moving a load at at time down and across to the van, rather than deal with the hassle of carts and re-parking the van. It wasn't raining, and we had plenty of time, and the exercise wouldn't hurt. I noticed that we exited the Marriott on the 3rd floor and walked across a level skywalk to the parking structure, which told us we were on the 2nd floor. I pointed this out to Lisa, saying, "Look! The Escher Skywalk!"

As we were putting the fifth and final load of stuff into the van, I got a call from David Gallaher, who was at World Fantasy Con in Madison representing the Bay Area WFC bid from SFSFC. He informed me that the bid from IFWA of Calgary (not the same organization that ran Westercon, CWSFA) was accepted, and Calgary will host the 2008 World Fantasy Convention.

Heading back to the hotel, Lisa and I made a last pass through the dealers' room, game room, and fan tables to say goodbye to people and pass along the Calgary site selection news to those people who I thought might be interested. Although it was a little early -- or rather we had ate breakfast pretty late -- we decided to go ahead and get some lunch. We walked to the Macaroni Grill and I had the Pasta Rustica, which was very good, but I felt very guilty eating it, what with the cream and cheese sauce on top of the pasta. I did order it with the higher-fiber wheat pasta, however. The walk back to the van was about ten blocks and four flights of stairs, but after a big meal like that, a lot more exercise should be in order. (Footnote: an hour later, my blood sugar was a respectable 115, which made me feel less bad. I reckon I still gained weight on this trip, however.)

We decided to dump me onto the light rail so I could get to the airport and try and catch an earlier flight to Oakland.

If you ignore the fact that I did have to pay $5 to buy in, my winnings from the poker tournament nearly covered the cost of parking: $37.

And so ends the OryCon experience for me, but not the trip, as I still have to get home.
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