Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Working On Minutes

I got the first draft of the Westercon 60 Business Meeting minutes completed and sent out to the Chairman and primary sources for verification late this afternoon. It's important that I get this document (and the related Westercon Bylaws) turned around quickly, because I can't spend a lot of time futzing around with it on account of Worldcon work is underway and I'm Chairman of its Business Meeting.

(For instance, I'm exchanging e-mail with Nippon 2007 programming about when the various WSFS programming items, including the Mark Protection Committee meeting, can be held. It appears that we don't have access to the convention center after 6 PM daily, which makes holding the MPC meeting -- normally a Thursday evening function held in a tiny otherwise unused function room -- a little difficult.)
Tags: westercon, worldcon

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