Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Live from PDX

Despite us missing the I-84 exit on the first attempt, I got to PDX Airport with enough time to check in for the 5 o'clock Horizon flight to Oakland, and they put me on the standby list for it and told me that even if I don't make it, my bags will go ahead of me, so I should check in the baggage office when I get to Oakland if I don't get called. Heading to gate B1, I saw the "want a free flight?" sign trolling for bump volunteers, and knew I wasn't going to make the flight. So I sat down, fired up the computer, and checked for wireless connections. I'd seen signs that PDX had free wireless, but had never been in a position to use it. I connected with no problems, checked my e-mail, and waited for the Oakland flight to actually finish boarding just in case. When the gate agent confirmed that I wouldn't make this flight, I put the computer on standby and walked down to the Starbucks in the junction between concourses B and C. After getting a latte, I reopened the computer, re-connected, and updated LJ and checked out Cheryl Morgan's live blog coverage of the World Fantasy Awards. (Check out the other blog entries before and after this one for the full report.)

I've got a while to wait now. My flight doesn't even board for another two-plus hours. I'll probably head down to gate C4 shortly and try to stake out a power outlet so I need not worry about the batteries, then fire up Locomotion -- that should take care of the waiting time. When I play that game, I feel like I've hit the fast-forward button on the time machine, because I look up after a few subjective moments and two hours have gone by.

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