Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Dispatches from FinnCon #2

Having managed to find her way to a steam-powered internet connection, our correspondent reports:
Good news: Joe Haldeman is free. We were worried for a time. His flight from Boston to Helsinki involved a change of planes in Paris. When it because known that a famous American war hero would be traveling through their country, a group of French terrorists decided to kidnap him. They were refusing to let him go until the USA agreed to start calling Freedom Fries French Fries again. Thankfully, as Joe's trip to Finncon was being paid for by the Finnish Arts Ministry, we had access to help in the highest places. A team of crack Finnish commandos launched a daring raid on Charles De Gaulle Airport, freeing Joe and his fellow passengers. Joe has now arrived safely in Finland only a day late, and will be at the con in time for his first panel tomorrow afternoon (much to the relief of Liz Hand and I who thought we might have to do it all by ourselves).
Tags: finncon

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