Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Dispatches From FinnCon #6

Well, this one certainly is from Cheryl, although she didn't write it. Apparently the Finnish filkers wrote a song for each GoH. Here's the one they wrote about her:
500 Cons (to the tune of 500 Miles)

If you miss the con she's on
you can meet her at next con
Cheryl Morgan seems to visit every one.
She gives there a talk or few,
was seen tossing Jordan, too
and with her we always all have so much fun.

Travelling across the globe,
visiting the cons of old,
seeing fandom at its worst and at its best.
Moving on from con to con,
catch her now, 'cause soon she's gone,
so much travelling does not give her much rest.

She is one, she is two, she is three, she is four,
she is 500 cons away from home.
Away from home, away from home.
away from home, away from home,
she is 500 cons away from home.
Tags: finncon
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