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Mom at the Tahoe Arts Festival

A few days ago, my mother sent this story and photos about her appearance at the Tahoe Arts Festival, July 7 & 8, 2007. I liked it so much I asked and received her permission to share it here.

This is my project at the Tahoe Arts Festival, July 7 & 8, in the parking lot of the Cal-Neva Casino in Crystal Bay, North Shore Lake Tahoe. We get $150.00 off of the cost of our craft booth by doing a chalk drawing. I have always done a 4 x 6 foot drawing but this year I had to fill a 7 x 7 foot space.

I started by framing it down to a space with which I felt more comfortable.

Next came the "God's Eye" and Leaves. After working about nine hours all I had done was a "God's Eye", the sky , and some more of the framing.

I started at AM on day two. I was so disappointed that my leaves were not in enough contrast to the sky to show up well that I thought I had no chance to win a prize. I took second place with the "Tree Lady" drawing (4x6) two years ago and I really wanted to win again.

To my surprise I did win. I took first place in the 7x7 category and won $100.00. How cool is that? I'm sunburned and sore but I won.

Yay for Mom!
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