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College Graduate = Professional Cosplayer?

Sac-Anime is an anime convention in Sacramento. The most recent one (not the one its web site points to, which is next year), was July 13-15 at the Red Lion Inn Sacramento. (Note to people who haven't been to Sacramento since the 1985 Westercon: this is the "Sacramento Inn" that was the overflow for that Westercon -- I stayed in this hotel during Westercon 38. It was also one of the sites where Sacramento's Eclecticon was held over the five years that we had it.)

This apparently is a for-profit show run as a living for its organizers, which affects the tone of the event entirely, I expect. hazelchaz has his review of the con, which he was attending to promote Anime Los Angeles.

Anyway, it was this review that really surprised me, particularly this bit:
Some of the masquerade contest rules were really outrageous, especially the college rule. If a cosplayer graduated from college they are considered a professional cosplayer and may not enter.
What an amazingly stupid rule! It makes no sense on any level that I can see. Is it meant to be an age limit? If so, state it that way -- but it's still a dumb rule even if stated as an age limit, not an level-of-education-completed one. And what's the reason for it, anyway?

The reviews I've read make me glad I didn't make the trip up to Sacramento last weekend, even though I wasn't all that busy.
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