Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Meeting Minor Melodrama

We had a bit of meeting drama at today's SFSFC meeting. No, not particularly anything said during the meeting, but whether we would be having it there at all. I had been running a bit late, having wanted to see the end of the Formula 1 race that I'd taped that morning before heading to San Jose, but I got to the Holiday Inn San Jose about thirty minutes before the scheduled meeting. David Clark arrived at the same time, and we were the first two there.

The hotel had no record of a meeting for us. We weren't on the meeting board and the front desk had no record of us. Uh, oh. And it being around noon, the place was a bit frantic with people checking out while David and I tried to get the front desk to check some more.

I called SFSFC director Jan Price, who had arranged the meeting but would be attending by speakerphone from her home in Maryland. She found the meeting number in the hotel's system and after a few minutes of waiting, the front desk admitted that the order had been put in, but so late that it had never made it to them. Fortunately, it's not like their Board Room had a different group in it; they just hadn't set up the water service, and the room was stiflingly hot until the A/C took hold. And the speakerphone for the room worked, and worked better than the one SFSFC owns, which was helpful.

We met from about 1 PM to around 4:30 PM. Not a lot of firm decisions right now, although we will be doing another SMOFCon scholarship. (Expect a formal announcement this coming week when I get it composed.) We've also decided to back off the frequency of our ConStruction conrunning conference to every two years rather than annually. We'll decide more about ConStruction later.

The rest of the meeting, long as it was, had to do with plans the corporation has for various events, nearly none of which are ready to be rolled out yet. All will be revealed in the fullness of time, as the saying goes, except for those projects that don't make it out of committee, which it's probably just as well you never heard about.

I couldn't write reports from the meeting -- internet was free once I managed to get my machine to connect to it -- because as corporate Secretary, I had to be playing close attention to everything happening and taking notes for the minutes, so I had no time. Ideally I should be writing those minutes up right now, but I'm too tired to do so.
Tags: construction, sfsfc

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