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SFSFC Continues SMOFCon Scholarships for 2007

[Cross-posted to various communities. Feel free to link or forward to anyone you think might be interested in applying.]

Press Release 2007-2


A California Non-Profit Corporation
PO Box 61363, Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363 USA;

For immediate release: July 25, 2007

SFSFC Continues SMOFCon Scholarships for 2007

San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. (SFSFC) has voted to continue up to two scholarships of $500 to help convention runners in training attend the SMOFCon convention-runners convention in Boston MA this year over the weekend of December 7-9, 2007.

SMOFCon is an annual convention about organizing science fiction conventions. Subject matter ranges from managing small conventions up to the unique challenges of World Science Fiction Conventions. The convention is held in a different city each year. The 2007 SMOFCon will be in Boston MA at the target="_blank">Hilton Boston Logan Airport. More information about this year's SMOFCon is available on their web site.

The scholarships are open to anyone involved in running science fiction conventions, regardless of their place of residence. However, applicants must be able to demonstrate that their attendance at SMOFCon will benefit San Francisco Bay Area conventions. Applications will be judged by the scholarship administrators, who for 2007 are the three directors of SFSFC who have chaired Worldcons: David W. Clark, Kevin Standlee, and Tom Whitmore.

An application form is available at SFSFC's web site or by writing to SFSFC at PO Box 61363, Sunnyvale CA 94088-1363. SFSFC must receive (postmark date does not count) applications by October 15, 2007.

This is the fourth year that SFSFC has issued scholarships to allow promising convention runners to attend SMOFCon.

The name "SMOF" stands for "Secret Masters Of Fandom," and is a humorous reference to the people who organize and manage science fiction conventions. Another term sometimes used for such people is "conrunner."

SFSFC was the parent non-profit corporation of ConJosé, the 2002 World Science Fiction Convention, and ConFrancisco, the 1993 Worldcon.


SFSFC Inc.: Kevin Standlee

SMOFCon 25:

San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. is a California non-profit corporation recognized as tax-exempt under US Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3).

"ConJose" and "ConFrancisco" are service marks of San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., a California non-profit corporation.

"Worldcon" and "World Science Fiction Convention" are registered service marks of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.

Added only to entry in my personal LJ: You know, I feel a bit bad cross-posting this to so many communities -- it feels like I'm spamming people -- but the target group for this scholarship is such a wide group of fans that I have to post to BayCon, Silicon, FurCon, etc., in order that everyone sees it. That does mean, of course, that people like me that watch lots of different groups get to see the same message ten times.
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