Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Change of Plans

(Yes, I know that Champ Car isn't F1, but that's the only racing-related icon I had in stock.)

I was originally considering going to Saturday of Con-X-Treme, but I have heard way too much discouraging information about how it's being run, and moreover, there's almost nothing in the program to interest me, other than hanging around with some friends and going to the BASFA party. And I have a pile of other fannish work that still needs doing.

So this evening, dave_gallaher called to offer me a ticket (standing room, which may be a tad difficult, but I'll survive, I guess) to this Sunday's San Jose Grand Prix, as well as to drive us both down there, as he's got a place he can park.

I decided to let Con-X-Treme pass, spend tomorrow trying to get the fannish work done, and take in the Champ Car race in San Jose. I've never been to a serious motor race before. Now, where did I put those earplugs?
Tags: san jose grand prix
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