Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

There's a Convention Coming Up...

[Cross-posted to several locations. Feel free to spread the word.]

Besides the ones in the same area (MythCon 38 in Berkeley) and country (Tuckercon/Archon/NASFiC in St. Louis) this coming weekend, Cheryl points out to me that there's a convention in Australia this weekend that you can attend without having to leave your house: Conflux 4 Virtual Minicon, an on-line convention running August 4-5 (Australian East Coast Time, thus August 3-4 in the USA; 17 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time). I understand that people from outside Australia are certainly welcome and encouraged to drop in, so check your World Time Zone Clock to see what time C4VM's events are happening where you are.
Tags: conflux

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