Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Drew Remenda Returns!

This will mean nothing to people who don't follow NHL hockey in the Bay Area, but I'm very pleased to hear that Former Sharks assistant coach and broadcaster Drew Remenda is returning to the Sharks organization as the team’s television color analyst.

The colorful Drew Remenda was one of the most entertaining things about Sharks hockey broadcasts, and I'll be glad to see him back. He knows the game well and he has a lot of fun explaining the game to others. In that sense, his relationship to Sharks hockey is like that of Mike Krukow to Giants baseball. The Sharks even commissioned animated commercials of the "Adventures of Sharkey and Drew," paring Remenda up with the Sharks' mascot for the club's kids programs.

I have a Drew Remenda story. A couple of years ago, I had a business trip to my company's Chicago office that happened to coincide with a Sharks hockey game. The Chicago Blackhawks, unlike the San Jose Sharks, weren't selling out and you could walk up on the day of the game and buy a seat anywhere. I bought a ticket on the mid-level sitting behind one of the camera lofts. The Sharks broadcasters, including Remenda, were in a booth up in the rafters somewhere. When Drew stood up, I could see him from where I was sitting -- he was almost directly above me.

The Sharks were being blown out by the Blackhawks, and the score was something like 5-1 at the second intermission. I stood up during the break, and seeing Drew wasn't doing much other than drinking something -- they were presumably in a commercial break -- I waved and caught his attention.

He looked quizzically at me. It's not like I was wearing any Sharks gear. (I hadn't brought anything, not having realized there was a Sharks game until after I was already in Chicago.) I made the Sharks "chomp" sign (the two-arm biting gesture Sharks fans do when the team is on the power play). Drew smiled ruefully and flashed "5" and "1" with his hands. I laughed and shrugged, as if to say, "What can you do?"

I'm glad to see Drew is coming back to the Sharks. I'll probably listen to more broadcasts just because of him.
Tags: hockey, sharks

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