Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Show Me the Money?

As I announced last month, Westercon 58 will be reimbursing the memberships of qualifying members. SFSFC has agreed to act as agent for reimbursement of US-based members who would otherwise find it difficult to cash a Canadian dollar cheque. It currently looks like I will collect a draft for SFSFC from CWSFA (Westercon 58)'s treasurer when I'm in Calgary on the weekend of the 19th. Then I need to work with the SFSFC Treasurer to clear the draft and get 27 checks written.

I don't think this will happen before (US) Thanksgiving, but those US-based members due reimbursement should get it before Christmas, depending on how quickly I can get the checks cut. Indeed, the most likely place for me to collect the checks is at a BASFA meeting, so when I know they're ready, I'll say so here -- some of you who live locally could come get the payments that night.
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