Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

No Room on the Train

Gingerly poking my way around the (Japanese-only) web site for the Cassiopeia overnight train, I found a page on the site that appears to be the sleeper availability. If I'm interpreting it correctly, there are no rooms available on the train for the September 12 departure from Sapporo, and darn few on any trains at all. This is not that surprising. Fingers crossed that there will be a compartment available on one of the other three less luxurious trains.

I continue to find it frustrating that I could have made a commitment for a "sleeper" months ago, except that the system requires you to appear in person at a JR booking office in Japan to reserve the room, and even then you can't reserve more than thirty days in advance. No online booking; not even telephone booking. And the trains appear to be sold out the moment they become available. Amazing. It makes Amtrak, which will allow you to book a room about eleven months in advance, look space-age and high-tech.
Tags: japan, trains, travel

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