Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Calm Before the Storm

I took it as easy as I could today. A wrong-number phone call woke me up too early this morning, and after dealing with e-mail and such, I went out and got a small amount of groceries. (I don't want to stock up now, not with the house to stand empty for a month.) Then I walked the 2 km or so down to the barber shop and got my hair cut. Walking back, I impulsively stopped by a local pizza house and dropped $2 into a pinball machine. That kept me busy for about 2 1/2 hours; that machine is actually set too easy, I think.

Around 4:30 or so, I found myself feeling very tired, and there was no particular reason to fight that feeling, so I fell asleep listening to the Giants baseball game, waking up as the post-game show was ending, so I missed the Giants eking out a win.

My bedroom is full of luggage, as I've been packing things that I can pack now so I don't forget them, and as I try to decide what I have to taken and what is just "nice to have." Mind you, I think we'll end up repacking again when I get to Mehama, as one of my bags is planned to be joint between Lisa and me.

I've been reading Japan by Rail, the new edition of which turned up last week (just in time!) and contemplating practical matters such as "will there be large-size luggage storage lockers in Hiroshima" (My main piece of luggage is 32 x 20 x 12 inches, too large to fit in the medium lockers.) (The answer appears to be "yes," by the way.) All of the guides warn about the difficulty of carrying luggage aboard Japanese trains. We're hoping that traveling first class and trying to steer clear of peak-hour travel will make for a bit more room for us. We'd use the luggage-delivery services, but it doesn't seem worthwhile to do so if, as it appears, your bag arrives the day after you do. I'd still have to carry my CPAP, toiletries, a day's change of clothing, and my computer with me, and that would be pretty cumbersome by itself. Better, I guess, to take my chances with finding luggage space on the train.
Tags: japan, trains, travel

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