Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Odd Train Signs

I walked down to the Centerville/Fremont train station this morning to take another shot at collecting train tickets for a future trip from the TVM there. This time it worked, although the first time I tried to print the tickets, it thought I wanted to cancel the reservation, and wouldn't listen to me pressing the "no" button. (I had to wait for the machine to time out and start over.)

As I started to leave, I noticed an unusual message on the electronic message boards. These usually scroll through expected-next-train-arrival information or other notices like "delays due to maintenance," or something like that. This was a message I have never seen before, reproduced below just as I saw it:
centerville turn on your phone
That's it. No other messages. Just this one scrolling over and over again.

Centerville isn't a staffed station, but the Depot Cafe in the same building is an agent for the ACE commuter train. So I went into the cafe and pointed out the sign to the woman behind the counter. She was surprised by this, too, but I think she was going to call ACE dispatch and see if they were trying to get hold of her or something like that.

I do not know the rest of this story.
Tags: trains

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