Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Call

I've checked off everything from my list except actually shutting down the computer and taking my luggage out to the van. Doubtless as I'm driving to Oregon, it will hit me that I forgot something, but I have to hope that it's nothing critical. I do need to pick up a new TSA-compliant luggage lock, though, because I just noticed that the one I had was gone. I think it's possible the TSA kept it after my last trip to Oregon and I never noticed at the time.

(Not that I think luggage locks actually keep people from stealing from my luggage; I want them to keep the bags from coming open accidentally.)

Boxes and luggage have been sorted into three groups:

1. Oregon box: Things only going as far as Mehama, for Lisa.
2. Worldcon luggage: The large bag with things that will only be needed for the week at Worldcon. This bag is only about half-full because Lisa will fill it the rest of the way.
3. Personal luggage: The medium bag with personal clothing and effects, CPAP machine, etc. that will stay with me for the whole trip.
4. Computer and briefcase: Carry-ons for the flight

Yes, I travel like an army on campaign. It's difficult because I keep running across things and thinking, "Bring it along; it might be useful." It was much worse in 2002 in San Jose, when I only had to drive a few miles with my van packed to the ceiling with Stuff.

Guess I'd better go move stuff to the van. My goal is to leave here around Noon, which is only fifteen minutes from now.
Tags: japan, travel, worldcon

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