Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

On the Freeway, Which is Already In Progress...

Not much new to report overnight, as so many of the people I know converge on Yokohama and Worldcon. ashi is already in Japan, and thanks to him posting about it and e-mailing me, jarred me into remembering that I'm supposed to provide copies of my two amateur Doctor Who movies, which we never did get converted to DVD on account of our own computers being too underpowered to do the conversions. As these two films ("The Zombie Legions" and "Those Darn Daleks") do not have a web site of their own, I also cranked out short descriptions of them for his movie showing party.

I'd call Lisa and remind her that we'll need copies of those -- she might want to run off fresh copies, and that will take three hours -- but I'm under strict orders not to call her in the morning as she tries to shift forward at least some of the hours we need to shift. I can't do that myself, much as I'd like to do so, because I must hit the road. Speaking of which, it's time to check out of here, get some breakfast -- but allow some time to go for a walk afterwards -- and get moving.

I'm not sure when I'll be back at an internet connection. I might get a chance to night in Mehama, or tomorrow morning, but possibly not until we get to the hotel at Portland Airport on Sunday. It depends on events in Mehama and what Lisa needs me to do there.
Tags: doctor who, japan, travel, worldcon
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