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After checking out from the hotel this morning, I headed downtown for breakfast, and after eating, I went for the short walk up to the Yreka Western's station and took a few photos.

YR #19 is being prepared for the morning run to Montague.

I managed to get this shot of #19 taking water just before they shut off the tap.

As I walked up to the depot, I noticed something chalked on the water tank. I zoomed in more closely, and saw this:

Which is very amusing for anyone who has every seen Emperor of the North.

Besides the still photos, I happened to be in the right place as the engine moved from the water track to the front of the station, and I shot this video of the engine in action.

After confirming that there was no time to take the trip -- the return from Montague arrives about 2:30 -- I walked back to the van and hit the road. Unfortunately, this short walk didn't help my blood sugar, which tested at 179 an hour later. Sigh.

The drive to Mehama was uneventful, except when I stopped at the Seven Feathers Casino at Canyonville. After using the restroom -- the main reason for stopping -- I impulsively went into the non-smoking casino area and put down $100 at the blackjack table. A few minutes later, I feared that it was going to be a very expensive short stop, as I was all-in for $50 already; fortunately I won that to get back to par. I played for about forty minutes before another run of bad luck led me to pushing my remaining (at that time) $70 out. After a run of nothing but 13s and 14s against dealer face cards, I finally got lucky, as I was dealt and opening and of 10 with a dealer 6 up. That's an automatic double-down, of course, so I had to pull another $70 to cover the double. I drew an 9, leaving me with 19, a decent hand. Then the dealer busted, making my draw moot, and I told her to color up my $280 because I was done. I was so relieved that I tipped her $5 before cashing out the remaining $275 and left the casino a net $105 up on the day. That means the Canyonville stop more or less paid last night's hotel and most of the gas I burned today.

Arriving in Mehama at 4:30, the first thing I did after catching up to Lisa was to pop over to the local hardware store and buy some lottery tickets for the PowerBall drawing. If I was to win, I want our local business -- whose owner has been kind to Lisa -- to get the retailer's bounty, which it pretty substantial by itself when the jackpot is this large.

Tonight we start repacking bags, which I bet will take quite a while.
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