Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Yokohama Day 0

After blissfully sleeping for about nine hours, I woke up on my own at 8 AM feeling much more human. Our hotel room looks out at the giant London-Eye-esque ferris wheel in the Cosmo World amusement park. For some reason, the rooms on the opposite side of the hotel overlooking a park cost more. I don't have any problems with the view here, though. I think it's sort of nice, myself.

Lisa had already awakened ahead of me, and while I pottered around dealing with e-mail and such, she did a brief walk around the area near the hotel, finding the nearest convenience store and suchlike. I got showered and dressed, and we went exploring the area. We walked up through the Queen's Park center, stopping and having breakfast at an "American" restaurant, which Lisa commented "did American-style breakfast better than many American restaurants." After more looking around, we walked back to the hotel, where we went and queued up to register.

A "database problem" was slowing registration, but it didn't take us too long, thanks to us being early. I hope they are able to resolve things, though, because otherwise it will be Queue City down there.

After registering, I met up with Pat McMurray to discuss WSFS Business Meeting matters. We caught up with his wife, Julie, and we collected along the way two other people (Americans living in Japan) who I'm afraid whose names have gone straight out of my head, and the six of us walked to the "Yokohama World Porters," a large shopping center building with a food court on the ground floor and a miniature golf course on the roof. Lisa and I had been there earlier in the day during our initial area check, and Lisa had bought a set of collapsible titanium chopsticks from a camping store on the third floor.

I had a bowl of very good ramen, and Lisa (who wasn't very hungry) spooned some of it into a little cup. Unfortunately, while she was eating it she spilled some of it onto her pack. Fortunately, Kuma Bear was unharmed, but Lisa got sauce all over the pack and her jeans.

After lunch, we went up to Pat & Julie's room, and eventually everyone except Pat and me went off in separate directions while Pat and I reviewed the WSFS Business Meeting papers. While we were smoffing away, rain that had been threatening began to fall heavily.

After confirming how we wanted to arrange the last bits of the agenda, we stopped by my room and I gave Pat the clipboard I remembered to pack for holding the WSFS attendance sign-up sheet. Pat then went off to see about arranging for printing the agenda, and I stayed behind to wait for Lisa to come back from her expedition, dealing with less urgent e-mail that I had not read earlier.

Lisa returned shortly, having done some shopping, specifically a model train. She was impressed with how nice they were in the shop, and said that they handled her limited Japanese quite well, for which she was grateful.

Now we are planning to go back out and about, but the rain puts literally a damper upon just where we'll do or do or see this afternoon. Going out and riding trains at 5 PM -- rush hour -- is probably not a good idea just now.
Tags: japan, travel, worldcon

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