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Errands in the Rain

I forgot to mention that in between dinner and coming back to the room, we went over to the grocery store located on the ground floor of the Yokohama World Porters shopping center. Lisa wanted some black tea (they provide green tea in the hotel room) and I wanted some instant coffee. There we ran into solarbird and annathepiperCosmo World</a> amusement park. If it had not been raining today, Lisa and I would have rode the roller coaster and the Big Wheel. Now I'm not sure we'll have the time during the convention proper; I have work to do! The light show from the Cosmo Wheel, which is very visible from our hotel room, is pretty cool, too.

Tonight I need to go over the convention papers and make sure I know where I need to be and when.

One thing I did not do today is check in as a program participant or collect any of the ribbons to which I'm entitled, including my coveted Former Worldcon Chairman ribbon. These can wait until tomorrow, I reckon.
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