Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Unwanted Schedule Stress

As I'd received my personal Nippon 2007 schedule as a program participant, I assumed that the WSFS Mark Protection Committee meetings -- which I chair -- had been settled. The time of Thursday's meeting was set (1700), and I went looking for the location this evening. (My advance schedule and the schedule on the web site did not include locations.) Imagine my surprise when I found no program item listed. Now the MPC meeting is tiny and of very limited interest, but the MPC members themselves also have to be able to find it.

Digging through e-mails, I think but am not certain that the meeting will be in room 321 of the Conference Center, which is a tiny room that isn't being used for any "real" programming. I can't confirm this, however, which is caused my stress level to rise dramatically this evening.

Now I'm feeling bad for having gone off site if only to look around the immediate area here near the convention center area, and for not having immediately dived into the pocket program the moment I got it so I could have spent this afternoon trying to resolve this issue.

I hope the worry doesn't keep me from sleeping. I should have been in bed two hours ago
Tags: mark protection, worldcon, wsfs

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