Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

So Many Things, So Little Time to Write

After the Business Meeting Friday morning, I dashed out the summary of the results for the Newsletter (and LJ and SF Awards Watch and eventually SMOFS).

Then it was down to the Fannish Inquisition to watch Montreal and Kansas City submit to the Q&A one final time. Not that it's likely that anyone's minds were changed in this case.

Then Lisa and I went for lunch at World Porters. She has to keep after me to eat regularly, which is important for my diabetes control and desperately difficult to do at a convention, particularly a Worldcon. And I can see what a mess it's making of my blood sugar.

Anyway, it was back to the Conference Center to do my turn for Hugo Awards rehearsal. This is pretty simple, really, and consists of being told where the seating area will be, and walking through the steps I will take should Chris's name be called as a Hugo Award winner. Unlike some years, winners and acceptors will give their acceptance before actually receiving their trophy. As I've said before, this is my first view of the process from the point of view of an acceptor.

We then went to the Exhibit Hall so we could cast our Site Selection ballots. I also wanted to pick up our Donbura-Con cruise tickets, but couldn't find the desk. Apparently cruise ticket pick-up doesn't start until Saturday, and I just hadn't noticed it in the instructions.

At this point Lisa asked if I had further plans today. I had nothing specific planned. She asked if we could go out and hunt for a coin laundromat that the hotel's concierge had located for us a couple of days ago. We don't need it now, but we'd like to use it before we leave Yokohama. I agreed that we could go spend some time doing this, and armed with the printout from the concierge that included a locator map and photo of the bathhouse next door that showed it was near the Tobe JR station, but not giving enough context of which streets were which, we set off for a walk of what might have been 30 minutes if we'd known exactly where we were going, but turned out to be more than an hour because we had to make our way to that station and then quarter the area until we finally found the place.

The address appears to be 45-4, Honcho, Tobe, Nishi-ku, but that won't do much good because there are no street signs in the area. And of course the addresses are Japanese, which means that they don't seem to make sense to most gaijin. However, I seem to have managed to get it to come up on this Google Map, although I don't know of any way to do a push-pin on this map. The actual laundromat is a tiny hole-in-the-wall place located in the block marked "45" and on the lower-right corner of this block. It's just above the left-pointing arrow in the street in front of it, and thus the third door from the left on that block. It's located right next to a public bath house. The peach-colored block to the right of that block is a convenience store, specifically a "Community Store" brand. The pink line to the lower right is a the railroad line, as this is a block away from Tobe railway station. I'm going to post this in the nippon07tourism journal, as I think anyone who can zoom back out from this may be able to find their way from the Pacifico complex -- but I warn you that it's not exactly simple and you need patience!

After this exploration -- which ended up taking most of the rest of the afternoon and early evening -- we walked to Yokohama central station. From there, we rode the Minatomirai subway line back to the shopping center adjacent to the convention center/hotel complex and had dinner, returning to the Olive House restaurant where we've eaten before. This time I had the beef curry, which is something I like generally anyway.

Soon it was time for the evening parties, which were confined to the sixth floor, as the convention apparently has to book the entire floor. I've already commented that this hotel's air conditioning doesn't work. Having all of the parties on one floor, while necessary, make the phrase "a hot party" literally true, as we all sweltered in the heat and humidity. The party suites included tatami-mat floors, which meant you had to take your shoes off to get to them. Thus the hallways were lined with pairs of shoes awaiting their owners' returns. I think it was sort of nice that we figured nobody would take our shoes, and I expect that we were all right.

I tried to at least briefly visit most or all of the parties, but most of them were very difficult to enter due to the tide of hot, sweaty humanity filling up the places. I did manage to swim through the sea into the back room of the Montreal party, where I enjoyed chatting with autopope, Lou Anders, and John Picacio for a while. (John said that the directions I gave him for taking the Narita Express train to the Minatomirai subway to the convention center worked well, and I was glad to hear this.) I also retrieved my camera and went to the Kigurumi party. If you're not familiar with this, it's where people wear full body suits and anime costumes with full heads, so they can better portray the characters. Some people are weirded out by this, but I like the costumes and admire the work. Here I particularly admire how they were performing and posing for us while they must have been melting inside the costumes. I have the photos and will post them when I get a chance.

Finally the heat got to me and Lisa, and we retreated to our room. It shows just how horribly hot the sixth floor was that our under-cooled hotel room felt like an icebox by comparison. We popped over to the kanbini (convenience store) across the road and bought some drinks. I feel a little strange buying bottles of Crystal Geyser water -- especially at JPY110/bottle when I can buy a case of 36 for $5 at home -- but I really like the flavor of the CG Mt. Shasta source (but not the Olancha source, which tastes very flat to me), and, well, we need lots of water.

Unfortunately for me, mundane life goes on, and I needed to spend about an hour doing accounting work and paying bills electronically. This was complicated by a couple of entry errors I made in Quicken over the past month.

I really must get to sleep soon, but I've got a bit more to say, which I'll put in another entry, and besides, I want to get the laundromat information posted.
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