Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Getting Gussied Up

In about 30 minutes, the reception for the Hugo Awards Ceremony will begin. The ceremony will be 90 minutes later. We just got back from lunch (and from buying croissants and stuff for breakfast tomorrow morning, which saves money and time) and will shortly be changing into our formal clothes to head downstairs for the reception.

There are only slightly more than 1000 seats in the main hall for the Hugo Awards. (They are running overflow video seating in other rooms of the convention center in order to handle the load.) I of course have a reserved seat for me and Lisa, for which I'm grateful.

Anyway, time to get cleaned up and ready to roll. Not sure when I'll be back online after the ceremony, as there is the Hugo Losers Party to attend after the reception. Be sure to check the Hugo Awards web site starting from around 2000 Yokohama time. We'll be getting the Hugo results posted as soon after the ceremony as I can call Cheryl with them.
Tags: hugo awards, nippon 2007, worldcon

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