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Finally, Some Photos With Commentary

With no Business Meeting this morning, I have just a few extra minutes to allow me to post some photos from Sunday night at Nippon 2007. I dumped a lot more of them into my Flickr account in unedited form.

In the darkening twilight, we queued to board the ship that would host the Donbura-Con dinner cruise.

After the cruise, Kuma Bear posed for a photo beside the ship.

Lisa and I changed into our WSFS uniforms and headed over to the Harbor Suite behind the Exhibit Hall, where the Anticipation/Montreal 2009 Worldcon victory party was going strong, helped considerably by the fact that the weather had cooled considerably over the past couple days, meaning that hanging around on the spacious patio was an attractive option.

Here I and Lisa pose with a woman (and her husband) that Lisa met earlier that day while they both were looking for a replica of the Terrestrial Defense Forces car from Ultraman parked in the convention center's parking garage.

And, speaking of new friends, Kuma Bear got to meet lots of new people -- and new bears, too.

And now I've used all of my extra time and must get things in gear for this half-day of remaining Worldcon.
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