Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

In Case I Seem to Vanish...

My internet connection, which has been very stable for the past week, suddenly started cutting out on me here at the hotel. The hotel confirmed that the wi-fi was up and running. I removed my wi-fi card, blew out dust, and re-connected it. One of the two antenna terminals seemed loose as I was doing this, but seems okay now. This warning is in case I drop out of sight for several days -- it may mean that my wi-fi card has died and I don't have practical alternatives.

Meanwhile, we have to be on a train out of Shin-Yokohama at 7:53 this morning -- just under eight hours from now as I write this -- and therefore I may well not try checking mail in the morning even if I can do so.
Tags: japan, travel
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