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Checking In: Hakata

We had to be up at 5 AM this morning -- after not getting to bed until after midnight packing -- in order to be out of Yokohama in time to make all of the connections to get to Hiroshima by Noon. We spent about five hours there, then took another train to Hakata, at the south end of the Shinkansen line. We're being extravagant, I'm afraid, staying at the Miyaka hotel, which is right across the street from the station.

I feel like I've walked into a time warp. I don't think I've ever stayed in a hotel where you leave your room key at the front desk when you go out for any reason. The room isn't huge, and the bathroom a little cramped (except the bathtub), but it's not a postage stamp, either, and the beds look to be hard enough to actually please Lisa, which is saying something.

We have a wired internet connection here, so I don't have to worry as much about the wireless not working. I had a yellow "something available" signal, so maybe the thing will work down the road, but there are no guarantees.

After checking in, Lisa and I popped down the road to a 7-Eleven and bought a bunch of bad junk food, which, combined with the bento box from the train station, will suit us for dinner. We are very tired, and all we really want to do is cool the room down to something comfortable, have a quiet dinner in the room, and get some sleep.

In case it isn't obvious, I'm not keeping up with anyone else's LJ's right now, and barely scanning mail even when I can see it, which isn't often.
Tags: japan, travel
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