Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Arrived in Osaka

No time right now to write about our day today -- briefly, a side trip to the Kyushu Railway History Museum, as mentioned yesterday, which was lots of fun -- as we've just in the last half hour arrived at the Hotel Granvia Osaka, which is attached to the Osaka Central railway station. However, these big stations are warrens with many entrances, and if you don't know which entrance is which, you may not know how to get to where you want to go. We didn't do enough advance reading to know which entrance to use, and ended up wrong-side and had to wander around a bit before getting here.

People keep warning us of undersized hotel rooms. This one is probably the smallest we've had so far. Lisa already is unhappily comparing this one to the one in Hakata.

I expect that once we've recovered ourselves from traveling, we'll steel ourselves to go back out into the heat -- this room seems to allow you to set the thermostat below 25 C and actually mean it -- and get something for dinner and a few other supplies.

A friend Lisa made at Nippon 2007 invited us to her home in the Osaka area this weekend, but we are so heavily booked up with things to do each day that we'd have to drop something Lisa really wants to do, and so we've had to send our regrets.

Like many people on expensive vacations, we've loaded up the schedule with lots of time-consuming days each day of the trip, lest we somehow "waste time." But it does make for an exhausting schedule. Is it any wonder I fall asleep on the trains?

Oh, and the typhoon seems to be blowing out to the north of Japan, and things seem pretty normal -- so far as I can tell -- here in Osaka, so I guess we'll be okay.
Tags: japan, trains, travel

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