Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

On the Night Train, Part 5

[On board the JR Cassiopeia overnight sleeper from Sapporo to Tokyo Ueno, posted 14 September]

I woke up after what felt like one of the best nights of sleep I've had since I arrived. Thanks to having brought a two-prong extension cord with us, I was still able to use my CPAP on the train by running a line into the toilet compartment, where there is a single outlet. Lisa, however, didn't like the heat at all and woke up at 0400 and went down to the mini-lounge, where it was cooler, for a while before coming back and sleeping some more. While she dozed, I retrieved my luggage from the toilet compartment (the only place in our berth where there was sufficient room to put it while my bed was deployed) and slowly began to pull myself together.

The robes they provided us here, unlike the other hotels, are (barely) just big enough to cover me without leaving an embarrassing gap. This is good, because I need it when I go down to take my shower at 0730.

My neck has been hurting for much of this trip. I've concluded that this is because I am 190 cm tall, but a lot of the doors on trains are only about 185, as is the ceiling in this compartment. I've spent too much of the trip hunched over to avoid hitting my head, not always successfully.
Tags: cassiopeia, japan, sleeper, trains, travel

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