Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Clever Folks at Toyota

While looking around Toyota's "Megaweb" auto exhibits on Odaiba Island on Friday, we encountered their test track for their little two-person electric commuter car. For JPY200 per person, you could ride around their test track in the car. The car steers itself; you don't do anything other than press the start button. After the ride, we stepped out and I climbed into a static model nearby for a photo opportunity (shown behind the cut).

Later, I noted that Toyota are really clever. They've managed to set up an exhibit where people pay them to test-drive their vehicles.

I will add, however, that this little car is surprisingly comfortable, even for a big guy like me. Assuming it had sufficient acceleration and top speed, I could easily see using something like this for commuting to work (50 miles/80 km round trip) or for short trips around town. I certainly wouldn't want to take a cross-country trip in it, though.
Tags: japan, toyota, travel

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